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Sell more by transparent installment payments

Our platform is ready to be integrated, it ensures an instant authorisation of installments.

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How it works


Your customers pick
Ree-Pay at checkout.


They enter a few bits of information.


They pay in 4 installments over 2 months.


The easiest way to shop in Vietnam.

Trust is everything

Ree-Pay provides a full shopping experience, our main mission is to make shopping easy for everyone.

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The value we bring

We give shoppers the confidence of knowing where their money is going versus worrying about where it went.


New customers


Higher conversion


Higher AOV


Fewer Returns

Seamless Integration with your store

  • ReePay integrates with your eCommerce platforms seamlessly, in minutes.
  • Our tech support team is with you every step of the way.

We are pioneering a fairer way to pay

Now you can sell to customers with Ree-Pay.

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