Ree-Pay is a shopping service, providing a Buy Now, Pay Later service that allows customers to shop at Ree-Pay’s retailer partners without paying 100% of the order value right at checkout. Order value will be split into 04 equal installments and each will be paid every 02 weeks allowing customers to split the purchase over 2 salaries.

Ree-Pay offers a modern shopping solution and supports customers:
  • Buying without a credit card
  • Pay upfront only 25% of order value
  • Allowance assessment in real time
  • Enjoy thousands of promotions

Right after a successful order is confirmed, our merchant will deliver the item to customers. Delivery time will depend on each merchant’s policy.
To use Ree-Pay, the customer must:
  • Be a Vietnamese citizen, over 18 years old
  • Own a valid national ID/ citizen ID card
  • Register using his/her own phone number and email address
The shopping allowance is the maximum amount Ree-Pay assigns to each customer account that can be used to shop immediately at any retailer integrated with Ree-Pay. Once a customer creates an account or provides some necessary identification , Ree-Pay will update the custome’s shopping allowance. Allowance calculation is based on Ree-Pay’s policy from time to time. Specific procedures include:
  • Successful account registration
  • Successful account verification via e-KYC (upload ID card images and selfie)
  • History of order on specific merchants
  • History of on-time repayment
Available allowance is equal to Shopping allowance after deducting the Total outstanding balance (unpaid installments and late fee - if any). The available allowance will be updated in real-time once the customer makes a successful payment to Ree-Pay.
Ree-Pay provides services with 0% interest, no hiden fees, no costs when customers pay on time.

As an attempt to improve customer’s punctuality repayment, Ree-Pay charges a late fee of 25% on the outstanding amount and splits the late fee into remaining unpaid installments. The late fee will be different depending on how many installments the customer still owes to Ree-Pay if the customer fails to make repayment before or on the due date. Before or on the due date, Ree-Pay sends payment reminders to customers via email, SMS and call before due dates.
Ree-Pay does not require a minimum order value to be placed. Maximum order value, however, will depend on the customer’s shopping allowance. Sum of the order value and the shopping fee can not be higher than the available shopping allowance..
Customers can register with Ree-Pay via
  • On Ree-Pay mobile app:
  • On Ree-Pay Portal; or
  • Select Ree-Pay at the checkout screen on the merchant’s website and register as instructed.
Customers can do verification on the Ree-Pay app, on Ree-Pay Portal, or upon checkout on a merchant website. Account verification will allow Ree-Pay to have more information in evaluating and calculating shopping allowance for the customer. Customers will need to upload:
  • Photos of national/ citizen ID card (front side and back side). Note:
    • Consumer must use valid, original national/ citizen ID of his/her own
    • Photos of national/ citizen ID card have all 04 corners and take up more than 50% of the photos
    • Use clear, bright, easy to read photo.
  • Selfie (of consumer’s full, visible face, not wearing hat or glasses).

For a quick and accurate account verification, consumer must follow the above guide. In case photos are not qualified, consumer can be rejected from allowance increase or must wait for 24 hours to retry verification. Once the customer finishes uploading, Ree-Pay will process the verification request immediately. In case of approval, Ree-Pay will increase the customer’s shopping allowance.
If you are having issues receiving our SMS verification code, please try the following:
  • Refresh the connection in between the handset and carrier by restarting your handset, and removing and reinserting your SIM card.
  • If you are still unable to receive the message, you will need to contact your carrier as you may have shortcode blocking enabled.
Most likely the customer will need to pay the first installment at the time of checkout. If customer has been shopping with Ree-Pay for some time and has a really good repayment history, customer may find that we defer the first payment 2 weeks after checkout. In all cases customer will be notified on screen if the first payment is due at the time of checkout.
Consumer can check order detail, all schedule info by logging into consumer account on Ree-Pay on:
  • Ree-Pay mobile app: on tab My order, customer selects an order to view detail
    • For iOS: here
    • For Android: here; or
  • Ree-Pay Portal, on section Orders, customer selects an order to view detail.
For every order, customer makes 04 installments to Ree-Pay, each every 02 weeks. To ensure on-time repayment, Ree-Pay will send reminder to customer prior to and on the due date (*). Customer can make payment before or on installment due date to avoid late fee. Repayment to Ree-Pay can be made easily by one of following options:
  • Option 1: on Ree-Pay mobile app:
  • Select an installment to view detail Select a payment method and make payment Download Ree-Pay mobile app For iOS: here For Android: here Cách 2: Option 2: Customer logs in customer account on Ree-Pay Portal, from here:
    • Customer selects Payment schedule to view list of installments
    • Select Pay now to view installment detail
    • Select a payment method and make payment
  • Cách 3: Option 3: on MoMo app:
    • Customer inputs “Ree-Pay” in search bar to search for Ree-Pay service and select Ree-Pay
    • Input phone number customer registered with Ree-Pay to view list of paying orders
    • Select an order to view detail and make payment

After successful payment, Ree-Pay will send success confirmation to customer and update payment status of order. Any enquiries please contact hotline 1900646481 or email hello@ree-pay.com so that Ree-Pay can assist you promptly.
(*) Note: Customer is obliged to make payment on time. The fact that whether Ree-Pay sends reminder to customer or not does not affect customer’s obligation to make payment on time. Please refer to Ree-Pay’s Terms and Conditions for detail.
The cancellation of order will depend on merchant’s policy. After merchant confirms the cancellation, Ree-Pay will process refund to consumer (if consumer has already made payments to Ree-Pay).

Ree-Pay will refund 100% of the amount customer has paid to Ree-Pay, via the same channel the customer had used to pay Ree-Pay (MoMo, domestic card, credit card…) processing time will be 3 to 10 working days (no more than 01 statement cycle for credit card). Please contact our hotline 1800 646481 or email hello@ree-pay.com so that we can assist you promptly.
Ree-Pay is offered by many leading online retailers and brands across Vietnam. For a list of our retailer partners, visit our Ree-Pay Mall on:

  • Ree-Pay mobile app: - For iOS: here - For Android: here; or
  • Section Ree-Pay Mall when logging into Ree-Pay Portal;
  • Ree-Pay Website

Ree-Pay Mall is frequently updated with top stores and brands, so stay tuned with us for more exciting news. If you would like to see Ree-Pay become available at your favorite online store, please send them an email to let them know how much you love using Ree-Pay!
We understand the importance of security. As a result, Ree-Pay partners with industry-leading payment service providers, ensuring the highest level of security for customers and merchants. Ree-Pay never stores your payment information such as your debit card number or credit card information.
We make more money from people making payments on time than we do from missed payments or late fees.

That is why we do everything possible to make sure customers only buy what they can afford and avoid missing any payments including:

  • We stop customers from purchasing once they’ve missed a payment so they can’t go deeper into debt.
  • And we use proprietary technology to stop people purchasing too much.

Can you imagine another company stopping customers from going further into debt or buying more because they missed a payment?
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