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  • Ree-Pay enables you to shop the things you love today, and Ree-Pay choosing the option you prefer.
  • You can use the Ree-Pay app to shop, check your transaction history, receive reminders of upcoming bills.

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You can use the Ree-Pay app to shop, check your transaction history, receive reminders of upcoming bills.

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Shopping? Choose Ree-Pay

Nếu bạn là người yêu shopping như Linh thì cân nhắc sử dụng Ree-Pay nhé. Linh là khách hàng thường xuyên tại Nene Clothing, hầu như Nene ra mắt BST nào, Linh cũng mua. Những lúc “cạn ví” mà lại muốn rước em nào đó về tủ đồ, thì Ree-Pay lại khá hợp lý. Bạn có thể chia nhỏ khoản thanh toán thành 4 kỳ bằng nhau trả dần trong 2 tháng.

Lưu Hà Linh


Try it!

One word for Ree-Pay: Perfect! Please register and try it. Ree-Pay won't let you disappointed.






Trần Minh Yến

Sinh viên đại học

More useful than I thought

As usual, I tend to choose COD when I shop online. Once I know Ree-Pay from Dosiin, I try to order the order value 1 million Vietnam dong. To me, the shopping fee is reasonable compared with credit cards. Ree-Pay does not require complicated proceed as credit cards.



Nhật Nam

Office Employee

Transparent payment

Ree-Pay offers a transparent payment proceed. I can manage the order and payment status. My order can be paid in 4 installments. I believe Ree-Pay will become popular with shoppers.




Phượng Nguyễn

Office Employee

New - Unique - Convenient

I've never heard about BNPLs in Vietnam before. Ree-Pay may be one of the first suppliers that I can use to buy low-value items without paying in advance. It's quite new, but definitely useful.





Như Hải

Office Employee

Definitely use more

At first, I don't really believe in this BNPL. However, once I tried to use Ree-Pay at NeneClothing, I love it definitely. This is my 3rd installment and I feel convenient.



Thu An


Would be perfect if Ree-Pay has app

I love Ree-Pay because I can pay into 4 equal installments within 2 months. It will be wonderful if Ree-Pay introduces app.





Phạm Thảo Vi

Office Employee

Ree-Pay is a new trend in Vietnam

This is the first time I've heard about Buy Now, Pay Later. I believe Ree-Pay will be popular in the future.






Trân Mijin

Office Employee

With Ree-Pay, don't worry "run out of pocket"

I can use Ree-Pay to buy low-value items, and pay within 2 months. That's why I am more enjoyable in shopping at Dosi-in. I wish Ree-Pay to have app.





Vương Gia Hân

Sinh viên đại học

I choose Ree-Pay

I'm a shopaholic, that's why I choose Ree-Pay. I am able to shop anything I like without worrying "run out of pocket".







Ngọc Chan

Office Employee

Love to see Ree-Pay more

Since I knew Ree-Pay, I've started to shop at Dosi-in frequently. With Ree-Pay, I can divide the order value into 4 equal installments. I hope Ree-Pay will be available on more brands.




Trần Đức Anh

University student

My girlfriend is a big fan of Ree-Pay

I get to know from my girlfriend. She told me that I should try Ree-Pay to buy gifts for her because I can buy anything she like without paying in advance. That's why I love to use Ree-Pay.






Ngô Thanh Sang

University student

We love Ree-Pay

Never thought that I can buy without pay in advance, no deposit or financial proofing. Ree-Pay makes my shopping experience become more convenient and simple.





Phúc Đạt

University student

Buy now, Pay later by Ree-Pay

I really want to try Ree-Pay since the first time I saw on Nene fanpage. To be honest, I thought using Ree-Pay was very complicated, but not. All the proceed is very smooth. All I need to choose Ree-Pay, receive items and pay later. Interesting!


Trang Bảo Trân

Office Employee

Have your own Ree-Pay account?

Shopping experience had never been interesting before I've known Ree-Pay. This is the first time I've experienced shopping without paying in advance. It's worthy for us to have Ree-Pay account right now!




Đặng Hương Hoa

Founder & Owner of Chat Coffee Station

Super professional Customer Support

Buy Now, Pay Later is not something strange to me because I am used to use BNPLs when I studied abroad. However, I am suprised myself that there is such a convenient BNPL as Ree-Pay in Vietnam. I am also happy with Customer Support team, they support me from registration to payment so well. Wonderful!



Bùi Ngọc Thùy Linh


10/10 for Ree-Pay

I don't see any minous points for Ree-Pay at the moment. I love the Customer Support team too. They help me a lot when using Ree-Pay at the first time. 10 for convenient, flexible and transparent shopping service as Ree-Pay.



Bùi Thị Thanh Hằng

University student

Dịch vụ siêu tiện ích

I am a big fan of Buy Now, Pay Later because I have been studied abroad for 3 years. In the developed countries, BNPLs are vẻ popular. When I came back to Vietnam, I knew Ree-Pay from my friends. In the first time of using Ree-Pay, I love it: convenient, flexible payment and professional service.

Nguyễn Huỳnh Thanh Thanh


Enjoyable shopping time

I am Nene's loyal customer. I know Ree-Pay when Nene introduced new arrivals in June, and I want to try Ree-Pay. One thing interests me that I can get the items without paying in advance.


Lê Phương Linh

Office Employee

Tiện ích và Nhanh chóng

I had my first Ree-Pay order at Dosi-in with the item value is 400.000đ. The great thing is that even with small order value, I can devide the payment into 4 equal installments. Totally helpful for me!




Phạm Nguyễn Hữu Đạt

MKT Assistant at Thaco Group

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